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Welcome to the justChatPIN support page.

This page will explain to you how best to use your justchatPIN, which allows you to contact your favourite chat service at much lower cost, and from anywhere in the world.

Accessing the justChat Service

The justChat service is accessed by dialling an access number that is given to you when you sign up for a justChat PIN. This accesss number depends on your location - currently access numbers are available from the UK, USA, Canada and Greece. You will hear a request for confirmation of your justChatPIN which is 6 or 7 digits, after which you will be connected to the chat service menu
Your private PIN, and the appropriate accesss number will have been sent to your e-mail address or by SMS.

Topping-up your justChat PIN

You can top-up your justchatPIN on-line by using any of the top up methods on
our justchatPIN payments page

Please e--mail us at admin@justphone.co.uk if you have any questions
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